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Trey K Mining Electric
6290 State Highway 194 E

P.O. Box 235
Kimper, KY 41539


Phone: (606)-631-7697

Fax: (606)-631-1513

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Monday - Friday


7 A.M. - 5 P.M.


Available 24/7 for Emergency

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Trey K Electric

Your Leader in Power Distribution

And Motor Controls

Trey K Mining Electric is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical power distribution and motor control products for the mining industry. It is our goal to provide consumers with the most advanced electrical equipment available while fulfilling and exceeding their needs. Learn more about us! 

From starting out small with a limited crew to now employing over 30 in a much larger facility, we are dedicated to building some of the most reliable and versatile power distribution equipment for the mining industry. Learn More

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